The statue of B2B portal Zenex LLC

  1. Information about company

    Online shop working under address is run by ZENEX limited liability company with headquarters in Jarocin at Wiosenna 35 street, 63-200 Jarocin, entered in the register of entrepreneursconducted by District Court Poznań ? Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, IX Commercial Division, under number KRS 0000700184, NIP 6172212642, REGON: 368580618, share capital 25.000.000,00 zlotys, tel. +48 691-756-370, +48 691-911-181, +48 603-590-008, +48 62-747-32-77, fax+48 62-747-78-77.

  2. Protection of personal data

    1. Personal data provided by clients of shop are processed by ZENEX LLC, Wiosenna 35 street, 63-200 Jarocin, KRS 0000700184, NIP 6172212642, REGON: 368580618.

    2. A client enters personal data on a voluntary basis, however refusal of providing them can prevent ZENEX LCC implementation of the agreement or a service in a proper manner.

    3. Detailed provisions on data protection of clients can be found in privacy policy.

  3. Prices

    1. All prices given in online shop on website are expressed in polish zloty (PLN) and their equivalents in currency EURO.

    2. Prices in stationary shop ZENEX LLC can differ fromprices represented in online shop websites.

  4. Orders

    1. The online shop enable clients to:

      • Orders (purchase offer) of good available in online shop and concluding sales contracts at a distance.

      • Getting informations about goods and services available in online shop and stationary shops ZENEX LLC

    2. All information concerning goods, in particular indexes, folders, brochures, others informations or advertising materials, and also informations contained on website led by ZENEX LLC to receivers and potential clients do not constitute an offer as it is required by legislation and are only invitation to start negotiation.

    3. Online shop takes orders by website Orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are placed.

    4. Placing the order is not equivalent with taking it by ZENEX LLC.

    5. As the moment of the acceptance of an order is considered a transfer to purchaser information about giving a status ?send? or ?received personally?.

    6. Due to reasons attributable to the carrier maximum collected amount (cash payment carrier) is limited and depends on particular carrier. In case of order value is higher than the aforementioned amount, a way of payment will be set individually with client.

    7. In case of ordering goods listed in attachment to the Act of 11 March 2004 about tax on goods and services (Journal of Laws 2011 No.177 position 1054, with later amendments), as a matter of economically uniform transaction, amounting to at least 20.000,00 zl net, an agreement can be encapsulated after client?s fulfilment of conditions resulting from the act, above all payment aforementioned for good can occur only from client?s payment account, which enable ZENEX LCC identification of commissioning party who commission a payment order.

  5. Delivery

    1. Good ordered in online shop is delivered through one of the available carriers chosen in progress of giving an offer of purchase.

    2. Time of receiving the package consist of:

      • Order realization time(completing good, form of payment, issue of sale document, packing a package)

      • Delivery time, depends on chosen delivery method.

    3. To every product available in shop, appears an information about availability of given product.

    4. Time of picking good does not include time of order delivery, which is calculate from the moment of transference package to carrier or postal operator to the moment of delivery.

    5. With good are issued texture VAT (provided that the electronic texture has not been chosen) or receipt with terms of given warranty (provided that warranty has been given) and to chosen products manufacturer?s warranty . In case of lack of any documents to be reported such an event in order to complete the deficiency.

    6. After getting a package client should well check condition of package and its contents. In case of verification possible loss or defects client should perform all actions necessary to determine the liability of the carrier. In case of damage, ZENEX LLC require to draw the protocol of the damage.

  6. Methods of payment

    1. Payment for good can be made by client:

      • Before good issue to the client ? prepayment (transfer)

      • In the moment of taking over the good ? cash on delivery

    2. ZENEX LCC can set with client others, particular conditions and methods of payment. In this case apply conditions and methods of payment indicated in order confirmed and accepted by ZENEX LLC as accepted for completion and compliance with any additional requirements related to agreed conditions or method of payment (among other things sale on installments).

    3. In case of choosing method of payment ? by transfer, client should pay immediately, and in case of payment by cash on delivery ? on delivery.

  7. Return of goods by consumer

    1. A consumer which concluded an agreement in distance or outside the company local, can within 14 days withdraw from it without giving any reason and at no cost, except from costs referred to article 33, article 34 paragraph 2 and article 35 the act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of Law 2014.827). A consumer can withdraw from the contract making a statement in writing. A form available on website: Form of withdrawal.

    2. To keep this deadline is enough to send a statement before its expiry.

    3. The time limit for withdrawal from the contract starts:

      • For contract, in making which trader issue an thing, being obliged to transfer its value ? from the taking possession by the consumer or a third person pointed by the client other than the carrier, and in case of contract which:

        1. covers many things, which are delivered separately, in batches or in parts ? from the taking possession of the last thing, batch or part

        2. rely on regular delivering things for a specified period of time ? from the taking possession of the first thing

      • for other contracts ? from a date of a contract conclusion

    4. Return of things to the seller must take place immediately, not later than within 14 days from the moment of withdrawal from the contract.

    5. The cost of the return of things is borne by the consumer. ZENEX LCC does not return to consumer additional costs of delivery, this is others than the cheapest usual method of delivery offered by ZENEX LCC.

    6. If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal from contract after following the demand according to article 15 (3) and article 21 (2) abovementioned act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of law 2014.827), he is obliged to pay for the services provided up to the time of withdrawal from the contract.

    7. The right of withdrawal from the contract concluded outside the company local or in distance does not have a consumer in situations described in article 38 the act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of law 2014.827), including in relation to contracts:

      1. About the provision of services, if trader fully made a service with the express consent of the consumer, which has been informed before starting a service that after fulfilment a service by trader he will lose the right to withdrawal from the contract;

      2. In which the object of the provision is thing non-prefabricated, manufactured according to the specifications of the consumer or his maid meet individual needs;

      3. In which the object of the provision is thing which is liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

      4. In which the object of the provision is thing delivered in sealed package, which after opening package cannot be returned because of health protection or because of hygienic reasons, if the package was opened after delivery;

      5. In which the object is to provide a visual or audio recordings or computer software delivered in a sealed packaging, if were unsealed after delivery

      6. Of digital content that is not stored on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the express consent of the consumer before the deadline to withdraw from the contract and after informing him by the trader of the loss of the right of withdrawal;

    8. In relation to the promotion aim to enable acquisition other (additional) good in lower price, the condition of use from promotion is to sign (in legal circulation) a contract of sale goods on the promotion, referred to above, with ZENEX LCC. Loss of buyer status (for example by use of right to withdrawal from the contract in distance without giving a reason) is equivalent with a violation of the conditions conducted promotion and will result in revision of sale price in relation to goods, which was purchased in lower price, through increasing its price to regular price, applicable in day of order. To buyer will be returned a price of returned good after deducting about value of correction of sale document put up to promotional good (additional).

  8. Warranty and covenant of warranty

    1. The provisions of this chapter are applicable to goods purchased on the basis of sales contracts between ZENEX limited liability company with headquarters in Jarocin at Wiosenna 35 street, 63-200 Jarocin, entered in the register of entrepreneursconducted by District Court Poznań ? Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, IX Commercial Division, under number KRS 0000700184, NIP 6172212642, REGON: 368580618, share capital 25.000.000,00 zlotys, and clients.

    2. ZENEX LCC is responsible for defects of sold thing (covenant of warranty) Liability rules under covenant of warranty regulateprovisions of the Civil Code.

    3. ZENEX LCC can give a good?s buyer a warranty on the smooth functioning of good. In this case fact giving a warranty and its conditions will be determined by a given product.

    4. A good possessing a manufacturer?s warranty is not subject to a warranty ZENEX LCC and should be serviced only in service shops indicated by good?s producer according to a manufacturer?s warranty conditions. A manufacturer?s warranty for traders is limited to period given in manufacturer?s warranty, subject to possibility of entire exclusion towards goods intended for consumer?s using.

    5. A good?s warranty sold to consumer does not turns off, does not limit nor suspended Customer?s rights in regard of ZENEX LLC under the regulations about covenant of warranty for the defects of the thing sold.

    6. Notifying a good?s defect client defines, whether he inquire into claims related to the warranty or covenant of warranty. If client is a consumer and he did not make a choice, ZENEX LLC shall consider complaint on the basic of principles concerning covenant of warranty.

    7. An obligation of guarantor is to repair of defective thing, and at the discretion of service?s decision: exchange or price return.

    8. A warranty is in force only on terrain of Poland.

    9. The buyer?s authority related to granted warranty expires automatically: after passage of warranty time; in case of making any changes, modifications, supplementing or exchange of goods or any from its parts by client or entity other than ZENEX LCC; in case of good?s operation in way incompatible with its destiny and ZENEX LCC guidance and good?s producer; in case of lack of appropriate good?s maintenance, according to ZENEX LCC guidance and good?s producer; in case when damage or a defect of the goods due to: harmful radiation, any mechanical injury, short circuit; in case ascertainment of violation, damage or breakaway seals or good?s serial numbers or covering them in any way prevent goods? identification.

    10. In case when in hand of analysis of the warranty?s validity and examination of defective good or its parts, ZENEX LLC write that given warranty condition were breached, in particular good or its parts have been modified in the field of physical properties or legal, ZENEX LLC will inform about that a client, returning to client a defective good on his cost and risk, and client is obliged to cover incurred by ZENEX LCC costs.

    11. In case of claims under covenant of warranty, a client can demand: good?s repair, good?s exchange on new, reducing price or ? in case of crucial defects ? withdrawing from the contract with mutual provision return.

    12. If a client demands reducing a price or withdrawal from the contract ZENEX LLC has a right to refuse a client?s demand, proposing immediate and non-binding with excessive inconvenience for a client defective product exchange on free defects or eliminating the defect, unless the product has been already exchanged or fixed or despite complaint was not exchanged on free defects or defect was not eliminated.

    13. In cases not mentioned in act 12 ZENEX LLC has a right to refuse a client?s demand related to claims of covenant of warranty if demand is impossible to realize or it would require excessive costs. In these situation ZENEX LLC will propose a client other solution.

    14. If buyer is not a consumer a responsibility related to the covenant of warranty is excepted.

    15. Should be kept a purchase evidence issued by a seller.

    16. ZENEX LLC is not obliged to provide a client a replacement good in the period of ongoing complaint procedure.

    17. When a subject of the transfer is used, a seller is responsible for good?s defects in case of ascertain it before the expiry one year.

  9. A procedure of complaint

    1. Present procedure has its purpose to:

      • Claims related to the warranty

      • Claims related to covenant of warranty

    2. A notification of defect by client and initiation complaint procedure follows with the moment of receiving by ZENEX LCC client?s declaration about registration a good defect and defective good. A reported defect is subject to verification by service, which consider if defect it is no customer?s fault.

    3. ZENEX LLC shall consider a warranty within:

      • 14 days since receiving a client?s and good?s declaration ? in case of claims related to the covenant of warranty

      • 14 working days since receiving a client?s and good?s declaration ? in case of claims related to the warranty, although in case of predict when a need for send a defective good or its parts to the specialist services the period of considering warranty notification can be extended to 28 working days.

    4. If a client?s declaration, in which is speech in the act 2 does not involve a demand related to the way of considering a complaint related to the covenant of warranty or notified demand cannot be counted, for example as impossible to realize or requiring excessive costs , ZENEX LLC immediately will apply to client about clarifying his demand or will propose other way to consider reported warranty.

    5. In case of claims related to the warranty, decision about fixing defective good, exchange or return payed price will make ZENEX LCC.

    6. Good return related to the warranty procedure is free of charge.

    7. The method of delivery equipment related to the warranty procedure: client must to deliver equipment to ZENEX LCC.

    8. In order to carrying out warranty procedure, client should deliver good to ZENEX LLCin original, fabric packaging, in which good was received by client, with all elements delivered to client, in particular with documentation. A client can deliver good also in replacement packaging, which will ensure a proper level good?s safety during service?s transport.

    9. A good should be send complete, in particular with accessories, which have influence on functionality given equipment or which can be one of the reasons existing a good?s defect or non-compliance with agreement. It is required to attach to good detailed description founded defects with the information in which situation given defect or non-compliance are found. A good having manufacturer?s warranty in not subject to warranty conditions ZENEX LCCand can be serviced in authorized points pointed by producer according to conditions given warranty.

    10. ZENEX LCC considers a complaint, provided that good sale will be confirm by ZENEX LCC. In case of pursuing claims related to the warranty, to claimed good should be attached evidence of concluding a contract (for example copy of sale document) and original warranty card, if it was issued with good (producer warranty). In case of pursuing claims related to covenant warranty, we ask about attachment to claimed good evidenced of concluding a contract in the order to identification a sale contract and improvement warranty procedure.

    11. A reported good defect is subject to verification by service, which will consider if good defectexisted in the moment of issue. In case of illegitimate warranty, reported on the basis of warranty, ZENEX LLC can demand delivery costs return.

    12. Herewith we inform that repair of electronical equipment is associated with significant risk of loss data involved in its memory. Thereupon client is obliged to make a backup all data being on media/introduced to a storage device. An exclusive responsibility for data being on media bears a client. In case when client delivers with defective good additional accessories, media, software is obliged to submission written information about this fact.

    13. If a good will not be received after end of warranty procedure, ZENEX LCC call a client in writing to receive good in on target 14 days since the date of receiving an appeal. After unavailing flux this date, ZENEX LLC is entitled to recon up a fee for non-contractual storage of good. This fee is 5% average monthly price of 1m2 storage surface in locality its storage each 1m2 occupied by good storage surface. A fee is calculated proportionately to number of days of good storage.

    14. If a good will not be received after flux of 3 months, ZENEX LCC can again call a client in writing to receive a good at term 14 days since the date of receiving an appeal. After unavailing flux this term, ZENEX LLC is entitled to reprocessing good at client?s cost.

  10. Service

    Address for the submission of complaints:
    ZENEX LLC, Wiosenna 35 street , 63-200 Jarocin, e-mail: tel. +48 691-756-370,
    +48 691-911-181, +48 603-590-008, +48 62-747-32-77, fax +48 62-747-78-77.

  11. Force majeure

    Online sale, outside the headquarters company ZENEX LLC, running by website is automated, elaborate IT system, which can gone down or generate errors. If shop?s operation of the system with reasons independent of ZENEX LLC causes errors or prevent proper processing placed orders, ZENEX LCC reserves the right to refusal of performance of the contract or change of conditions. ZENEX LLC in not responsible for defects, buyer?s loss of profit in case of not realizing a contract or change of conditions. In case of coming out any problems we ask about immediate contact with ZENEX LCC.

  12. Final provisions

    1. In contact with client, ZENEX LLC use a devices aimed at distance communication (in this e-mail, telephone, fax).

    2. ZENEX LLC has a right to entrust realization of order to third person (as a subcontractor).

    3. ZENEX LCC informs about possibility to take advantage of extralegal ways of solving disputed and pursuing claims. Rules on access to these procedures are regulated by separate regulations (e.g. the act of 15 December about Trade Inspections, Journal of Laws 2001.4.25 with later amendments).

    4. Within the meaning of Article 30(3) of the act of 30 May 2015 about consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014.827), ZENEX LLC does not ensure a possibility to make a statement about withdraw from the contract electronically.

    5. According to article 8 the act 3 point 2 the act of 18 July 2002 about provision of services electronically (Journal of Laws 2002.144.1204 with later amendments) we inform that placing by client on websites any informations about the illegal character or informations that are contrary to public morality, is prohibited.

    6. Use of online shop is possible under condition fulfilment by teleinformatic system, used by client, the following minimum technical requirements:

      • Internet Explorer in version 10.0 or newer with turned service ActiveX on, service applet Java, JavaScript and cookies or

      • Mozilla Firefox in version 34.0 or newer with turned service ActiveX on, service applet Java, JavaScript and cookies

      • Minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels

      • In case of agreement to receive an electronic texture, to opening it is required a software to open a PDF files, e.g. Adobe

    7. ZENEX LCC does not agree on extralegal solving consumer disputes, by authorized entity in the sense of article 31 the act of extralegal solving consumer disputes (Journal of Laws 2016 position 1823), according to the register of Managing Director UOKIK: In case of consumer dispute we suggest contact with the closest consumer right spokesperson, civil inspectorate of commercial inspection or common court of law.

    8. The current content of statue is available on website